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Celebrating Achievements!

Celebrate the joys of childhood and growing up with the Billy & Abigail storybook set.

Billy and Abigail are self-esteem boosters, sharing independence and confidence with spunk and pride.

Available July of 2016

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Share Important Milestones with the Big Boy in Your Life!

Billy is having a birthday, but he has more than turning a year older to celebrate—Billy is growing up!

Focusing on specific developmental milestones that children identify with and take pride in, this colorful book follows Billy through the significant changes in a child’s first years. Record your child’s milestone achievements on special pages inside just for them!

Available July of 2016

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Share Important Milestones With the Big Girl in Your Life!

As Abigail learns to say “please” and “thank you,” and pick up her own toys, she becomes a big girl.

Abigail is a Big Girl celebrates a child’s first accomplishments and encourages them to dream of all the things they will soon be able to do. Record your child’s milestone achievements on special pages inside just for them!

Available July of 2016

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What We Do Each Day Before and After We Play!

Billy and Abigail wake up each morning eager to start the day.

Before they go out to play, they brush their teeth, comb their hair, get dressed, and even set their own place for breakfast! Good Morning, Good Night Billy & Abigail shows how much fun and freedom comes with being self-sufficient.

Available July of 2016

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Come Along With Us On a Counting Adventure!

Billy and Abigail show how useful and fun it is to count things they discover right outside their door, like squirrels, acorns, rocks and more.

A Counting Book with Billy and Abigail is a great tool for teaching young readers to count to ten, and also to observe the world around them, full of things just waiting to be counted.

Available July of 2016

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Peek-A-Boo Publishing Group is an exciting new approach to quality children’s literature. We curate our collection through an organic creative process, driven by authors. This process results in enduring tales that celebrate individuality and diversity.

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About the Author

Don Hoffman is an Emmy Award-winning children’s book author and a Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) fellow whose work has been delighting both children and adults for years. Hoffman is the founder of Peek-A-Boo Publishing Group.

With over 1,000,000 copies sold,
his published works include:

Sparky the Fire Dog
September 2011

A Very Special Snowflake
November 2008

A Counting Book with Billy & Abigail
February 2004

Good Morning, Good Night Billy & Abigail
February 2004

Abigail Is a Big Girl: Are You a Big Girl Too?
December 2002

Billy Is a Big Boy
September 2002

About the Illustrator

Todd Dakins is an award-winning children’s book illustrator who lives in Nashotah, Wisconsin. His published credits include Good Morning, Good Night Billy & Abigail (Billy and Abigail Board Books), A Counting Book with Billy & Abigail, A Very Special Snowflake, Sparky the Fire Dog and Bobbie and Minnie — We Can Do Anything.


Todd Dakins

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